Project Deji McWord

Inspiring, Articulate, Focussed and disciplined, devoted to a cause, perseverant, were all the words that sprung to mind when we first met Deji Ajomale McWord three years ago, when he told me he was a writer and poet, columnist and golf player we thought we had met a genius pretending to be a regular dude.

Well, he inspired us enough to support online marketing of his inspiring book ‘How Jesus Became the World’s best selling brand.’. We thought the title could sell it alone and at the same time we learned from Deji, about the obstacles and difficulties that a writer faces when in places where technology is not as efficient and where self publishing is not a known thing.

This wasn’t Eze goes to School or Weep not child but was a carefully written literary work, prose and enlightenment and we are proud that we supported him in as best a way as we could to bring his book to the attention of the digital world.

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic.”

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