Music Management

Getting Your Music Recorded, Mixed and Mastered Is the First Step to making your song.  There’s the beat, lyrics, recording and lots more stuff to consider.  Sometimes you need to develop and retune an idea and the best way to do this is to have a good producer to work with to get your  music done exactly as you want it.  Recording a song is a long process and involved dedication, devotion and most of all requires the backing of a good and experienced team who know what good music is. We love good music and can help you get in touch with good producers who can work with you to record that hit song. It’s good to work with people who help you to maximise and get the best out of your creativity, ability and talent. Read More.

Once recorded, a majority of artistes want their song to get distributed to others and want a critical appraisal or at least opinions, From street distribution to eateries to Afrobeat traditional haunts such as Alaba to iTunes, Amazon and over 400 Digital Portals as well as SMS downloads and ringtone and caller tune services.  Physical sales deals and licencing are also lucrative distribution channels and we work with you to expose your music to every opportunity we can.  We do this by getting your music distributed to the places that matter. Distribution encourages respect of your intellectual property and pushes your music to a wider audience with indefinite revenue opportunities for the artiste. Read More.
Music promotion is somewhat conjoined with distribution and includes air play on analog, digital and online radio, publishing and critique on blogs, getting listed on mixtape playlists by deejays, viral, promotion, social media promotions, hotlinking, television music video shooting and distribution and street pounding promotions.  Working with our experienced promotions and graphics team we use our inhouse links with online and physical media, mixtape makers, photographers, and Video Directors to get your song played.  We also organise your music and digital assets by creating online blogs and websites for you including fanning out your music to social platforms and channels worldwide.Read More.
The song is recorded, its been promoted to different media, its on radio, television, blogs, in newspapers and magazines and more, now its time for you to earn. We work with you to get you playing live at events and to get booked to perform privately and publicly. We support you by getting you noticed in newspapers, magazines and periodicals on an ongoing basis also keep a close eye on accounting by collecting where you have distributed through our digilabel and reporting back to you on revenue earned from music sales on a regular basis. Every artiste knows the importance of earning and gaining from their creatives. We keep on working on your music and profile as long as you retain us. Read More.



Our Distribution Partners Fall into three broad categories. Some partners sell your music directly to consumers or charge a fee for consumers to stream and others collate music onto combined platforms that serve streaming services such as in shop radio stations or stores, at events and functions that are public and to platforms that stream music. Other platforms will aggregate videos and content which may contain your music or part of your music, in such cases if they are partners, a share of advertisement revenue from such sales will be remitted to you. In the all cases a fee is paid for your music or revenue from adverts on videos of your music or for streaming your music of which the platform pay a percentage back to the artiste ranging from 20-40% of revenue.  We remit 100% of  the revenue that is earned directly to you the artiste/s.

In some cases we create and also accept non exclusive licensing requests on your behalf for inclusion in compilations, the benefits that come with this include exposure of your music to a wider audience and a share of the revenue from the sale of each compilation album. e.g. if your song is on a compilation with 20 songs and that album sells for $10 and the store takes 30% of that, then you recieve 35cents. That seems like a small sum, however with sales like these, it will accumulate.

 View A List of Our Current Distribution Partners

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