eBook Publishing

Digitising books is one of the most modern choices for the discerning and avid book reader and it also opens the doors to a new market for indie book writers and publishers who ordinarily would not have much choice when confronted with conventional book publishing companies.
We format your books from word or text documents free of charge, obtain ISBN numbers for you and publish to almost 170 stores with more joining our partnering pool daily for one flat rate fee. All you have to do is sit back and watch the revenue roll in, and we also give you copies of your ePUB and .mobi format.
As an author, you can now choose when you are ready to publish and how with ease as many people are also turning to ebook readers such as the Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s innovative Nook,Kobo and other readers transforming the world of book publishing opening up a new market.
What’s more, we don’t take a cut of your  sales revenue and we report all your sales to you as well as offer promotion packages including advertising, promotional videos, banners and fliers, preview snippet distribution by newsletter and feature your ebook in our catalog increasing your reach.



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