Promotions & Advertising




The main objective of advertising and promoting your products including your music is to attract the attention of customers. The unique aspects of your business or products needs to be reinforced, your service needs to be clear to clients so that your advertisement and promotions subsequently encourage and persuade them to purchase from your business.

It is a way of communicating the benefits of your products to your target audience. Similar to other areas of business, advertising involves setting clear goals and objectives.

One of the benefits of advertising is that it gives you the opportunity to communicate a message to a large audience at one time reducing the cost per contact. However, advertising can also be performed at a smaller and more specialised scale to target a specific market.

Obviously, small business isn’t able to compete with large corporations in terms of their marketing budget, so cost-effective strategies are generally a good option in most cases. Some cost-effective advertising solutions include:

Local Directories in both print and online.

Signage of vehicles, shop fronts, stationary and uniforms.

Displaying promotional material at community locations or at non-competitive businesses.

Advertising on the reverse side of receipts.

Radio, television and print advertisements.

Event sponsorship

If you have little knowledge of how to effectively manage the advertisement of your business, it may be a good idea to seek independent advice from us. While this may at first seem like an expensive option, it may be better than investing your entire advertising budget into a strategy that fails to achieve results for your business.

It is important to note that people who have been pleased by your customer service or product offering are likely to pass on good comments to others. By managing good relations with your customers you are effectively using them to advertise your business through word-of-mouth.


We Help You Build your Business Marketing , Branding & Sales Plan

We Build your business marketing and promotions plan by helping and working with you to answer  the questions that are important such as those below. below. A plan and Strategy is usually set up around the discussions we have with you.

We work to establish your advertising strategy and  how it supports the desired positioning of your business

We List and describe the forms of sales promotions you will use to help sell your product/service.  And home in on those that are seasonal

We identify the forms of sales promotions the most effective and how will they benefit your business

We establish the existing and prospective total cost of all your sales promotional efforts

We define a strategy for achieving a positive image through good public relations (PR)

We establish the most effective methods and  the benefits for your business

We establish whether you will use a combination of inter-agency approaches to reach your goal.

We establish how you can minimise potential negative PR

We establish  the total cost of all your PR activities

We ascertain if and how to create a functional and appealing website for your business and work with you to utilise a combination of  simple promotion on the site and or offering other features such as online catalogues or online ordering?

We decide on Who will be responsible for developing, maintaining and ensuring that the website is being utilised effectively E.g. search engines optimisation and affiliate exchange programs.

We identify what training will be required to assist staff in achieving sales objectives?

We work out how your advertising and promotion strategy reinforce the customer benefits available through your unique selling proposition (USP)?

Establish how your advertising and promotion strategy focus your promotion efforts and spend on your identified target market

We List and describe the forms of advertising you will use to promote your product/service and the frequency of the advert/s

We  List and describe the forms of direct mail you will use to promote your product/service.

We establish the total cost of all your advertising efforts?

We establish the most effective selling process, how will it benefit your business and  tools that will be provided to salespersons to assist in achieving sales

We Establish the cost of your online marketing efforts and offline efforts.

We work with you to make sure there is a continued and persevering effort to sustain your business and sales at a steady pace.

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic.”