We offer

Pay Per Click – Pay Per Impression – Affiliate Clickthrough Referral Setup

Youtube boosts for businesses and youtube presence through illustrative and informative videos

Radio voice overs

Video creation from storyboarding to casting to production for youtube and television

TV and radio advetisement placement

Youtube Content ID Surveillance& Royalty collection for artistes

Full Length Youtube Promotion Video for music

Promotion Facebook

Facebook Adverts

Promotions to blogs and other platforms

Online Directory bulk submissions

Linked in , Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest solutions

Shazam Connect

Shazam is a music identification service for mobile phones and smart phones driven by Shazam Entertainment in London. With Shazam the user can identify a title with his cell phone. Meanwhile Shazam is used by more than 50 million people in about 150 countries over the world.


We can get your music to Spinlet for publication on their exclusive portal


We can get your music to Muyora for publication on their exclusive portal

Google Adwords Campaigns Overview

We can advertise your bundle on popular music websites like MySpace,, and Deejay Forum by a highly optimized Google Placement campaign.

We will create banner ads for your bundle in nine different sizes and with this banner ads we start a Google Placement Campaign with a selectable budget which is exactly tuned on your bundle.

Afetr the campaign is completed you will get a detailed report which displays exactly in which sites and how often your banner ad was displayed and clicked.

A Google Placement Campaign is a sales campaign by putting banner ads on different websites which participate in the Google advertising network.

If the advertisement is displayed it is a impression, if the ad is clicked by a visitor it is a click and the visitor is forwarded directly to your bundle or website.


“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic.”