Digital Distribution

We  are a digital aggregation and distribution label and are also able to help you to register your own Indie label or Indie Author.  Our digital product and service portfolio makes it posssible to sell your own eBooks  and Music with DuchessPR.

Our guarantee to you is to remit 100% of your sales revenue directly to you.  We also provide post aggregation marketing tools to you to encourage sales. These range from anti piracy schemes to marketing schemes.

If you want to get more information on a certain service simply contact us or review our online information and check out all the online music promotion features you can access by using DuchessPR.

If you have further questions please contact us.  Alternatively if you are an existing client access the client hub

We provide Digital Distribution of:

    • Music
    • Audio Books
    • Audio Dramas and Radio Plays
    • eBooks
    • Children’s Music
    • Children’s Radio Plays
    • Comedy / Cabaret
    • Special Audio Products of all kinds, e.g. Advisories, Hypnosis, Educational, etc.
    • Vinyl Pressing and worldwide music distribution
    • eBooks
  • Earnings and Analysis
    • Sales Reports and statistics
    • Dedicated online account for payins and payouts
    • Detailed online statistics on sales, countries, played tracks and viewed bundles available
    • Connecting your music to  YouTube’s Content-ID program, Content analysis of all videos using your music and disbursement of shares of revenue from You Tube To You.



We distribute All Music styles

    • Pop
    • Afrobeat
    • Soukous
    • Rock
    • Traditional
    • R&B
    • HipHop
    • House
    • Garage
    • Modern
    • Instrumental
    • Dance
    • Classical
    • World Music
    • Country and Folk
    • and all other styles on the planet


  • We Provide Advertising and Online Music Promotion
    • Automated YouTube video targetted views
    • Extensive YouTube Video Statistics and analysis of views 
    • Youtube Brand Channel Application & evaluation
    • Vinyl Promo Copy – Vinyl single-unit production for launches and for special occassions
    • Shazam-Connection of your songs
    • Muyora Connections of your songs
    • Facebook Music Marketing
    • Worldwide Google Placement Campaign
    • Newsletter placement with more than 500,000 receivers
    • Banner ad building and placement with various online service providers
    • Podcast with iTunes placement
    • iTunes Gallery Set Up
    • Creating and placing of advertisings in print media
  • Features for your song distribution
    • Professional studio mastering of your tracks
    • Anti-Piracy Program to delete illegal downloads
    • Licensing and placement of your tracks on compilations
    • Beatport Label Application
    • Online Beatport artist page creation + submission on Beatport
    • Automatic Beatport dj charts generator + submission on Beatport
    • Automatic online compilation license and rights management


  • Social networks Management, Boosts and Monitoring
    • Facebook Promotion


  • Sampling and Music Promotion
    • Fully automatic promotion Email incl. Dj pool with extensive online statistics and track / bundle evaluation (For Free)
    • Radio Sampling to more than 1300 radio stations with detailed reporting
    • Dj Chart sampling with detailed reporting
    • Premium Dj Pool with detailed reporting
    • Worldwide dance radio station promotion with statistics
    • Print media sampling campaigns to more than 1380 newspapers and music magazines
    • Online media sampling campaign with more than 850 important adressees in online media
    • TV and movie sampling with more than 330 contacts from TV and movie responsibles
    • Sampling and promotion to German public networks like ARD and ZDF
    • Sampling blasts to over 5000 blogs


  • DuchessPR helps to sell your music online to all music distribution companies and promote through our music promotion team at DuchessPR


  • Graphics and design
    • Artiste Websites and Facebook pages
    • Cover Artwork Design
    • Music label logo design
    • Artist Logo Design


“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic.”