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Mobile Applicaations and Accessibility To Websites, Ecommerce & Online Portfolios via Mobile Versions of Websites are growing trends across business spectra.

The virtues and importance of making the expenditure and investment in a mobile application is not limited to boosting sales but is also important in reaching an ever widening audience who are inclined to place more confidence, trust and loyalty in businesses who do what they can to be ‘user friendly’. This goes without saying that a mobile website, a responsive website and mobile applications are also a good and effective way of getting your key message to your customers and clients quickly using push notifications and engaging them using appealing and alluring graphics and technology which give a customer the clear notion that you are in keeping with advances in technology as a tool to harness client satisfaction and engagement.

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For the business owner that sells services a mobile application can serve as a first point for accessing accounts for clients and for sending quick messages without the fiddly task of trying to access a full website from small handheld devices or smart phones. It also enables a service provider to harness modern payment tools such as ebilling via mobile and to send friendly reminders for recurring payments much quicker and effectively.

For those who sell goods a mobile application is a welcome way to get your clients to find out about new products, new introductions and also to send push notices offering discounts and encouraging clients to engage and share their patronage with friends via social channels.

For a musician, artiste, or performer a mobile application brings your entire catalog to a client with the click of a button and helps you keep in touch, share tour dates, promote your creatives and encourage revenue earnings from digital downloads.

Additionally a lot of businesses are finding it handy to harness marketing via mobile platforms and applications which enable cross platform advertising using other applications that have popularity amongst smart phone and handheld device users.

We work with you to decide your purpose for a mobile application, decide on graphic user interfaces and also on functionality.  We also agree with you on which platforms to code for.  You get to choose from HTML5 (Generic Mobile) – Symbian (e.g. Nokia), Windows e,g. (PDA, MDA), Android (e.g. Samsung), Blackberry e.g (Torch, Bold, Q10) and iOS ( eg iPhone, iPad or Apple devices), we decide with you if you want to focus on mobile phones, help and work with you to decide which models to design for and also if you want to focus on a combination of phones, tablets and pads.

Following this we  create a wireframe, design your UI and graphics and implement your given specifications  and do all the coding and then work with you to test drive the application as well as offer an open market testing using tried and tested automation tools as well as using physical testing tools such as professional user groups

Once it’s all functioning as you prefer, the next thing to do is to get your application deployed and we provide the facility to publish your application to the relevant application stores across the board.

We have an extensive portfolio of developers who work with our team from inceptions to completion. We also offer a robust and generous post completion maintenance service to those who wish to utilise it and will bundle and enable you to purchase your source code at reasonable costs.

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic.”