Digital Distribution & Promotion Pricelist


Aggregation fees

All Costs Are One Off Fees, you recieve 100% of your revenue

Distribution of a Megasingle- 1Song £49

Distribution of an EP – 5-10 Songs£71

Distribution of an LP – 5-30 Songs£ 125

Deletion of a release 1- 3 weeks since aggregation £250

Deletion of a release older than 3 weeks since aggregated £500 *** Guaranteed removal is not possible after this time. 

[Fees Includes ISRC code and EAN/UPC barcode]

ISRC is unique to each song/track on an album. Every song on an album needs its own individual ISRC.  

EAN/UPC is unique to the album bundle on which your song/songs is released on.

For more information please read our FAQ.


Codes and IDs FOR DIGITAL MUSIC ** The price shown is for tags only not for submission/distribution

ISRC PER SONG (This is the commercial tag for your song)£12.49 

UPC/EAN PER BUNDLE ( this is the commercial tag for your entire bundle/release) £18.95

iTunes Gallery

**iTunes GalleryYou can publish several pictures of one artist in a gallery at iTunes.

One gallery can contain up to 20 images.

iTunes Artist ImageArtist Images must be .jpg or .png files, square, at least 1200 x 1200 pixels, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. Do not upscale.

You Can Only upload images you can legally share worldwide.

The price for one standard gallery is £49.90 and includes 6 pictures

iTunes Gallery (additional Image) £18.90




Let us create your cover £95.90

Album Graphics & Design Label Logo £295.00

Graphics & Design Artist Logo £215.00

eBook Cover Desgin £154.90

7 Page website including 5 emails, hosting, domain registration, and music playlist + links to buy and contact page, you tube gallery – £350 (domain registration and hosting is only for 1 [one] Year),  You will need to pay the yearly fees usually around 4.99/month for hosting and £15 for domain registration, all payable yearly each year or your domain will expire and data expunged. Extra pages £50 per page.

For this fee we usually do the following

  1. Writing all content to go on website
  2.  Enabling updates of news and enabling up to 5 emails
  3.  Enabling soft connections and sharing to social media
  4. Search engine optimisation and keyword elements including metatags to enable indexing by major search engines. Including google analytics in depth monitoring and management.
  5. Monitor and maintain the website to prevent outage, down time and any interruptions.
  6. Update and upgrade any software associated with the website once a quarter fee free. 


Anti Piracy surveillance for 1 month £195

Anti Piracy surveillance for 2 months £315

Anti Piracy surveillance for 3 months £350.00 





Have your track/song cut on a 12″, 10″ or 7″ Vinyl.

We produce your track individually unto vinyl for promotion purposes.

Each vinyl is unique and is cut into a PVC blank (vinyl), which is the same material normal vinyls are made of.

The durability is the same and they are even better for scratching. Unlike traditional dubplates that are cut in Acetate.

A Dubplate has a shelf life of 80 playbacks. Our vinyls hold as long as pressed vinyl record, and can be cut up to + 8dB.


**Technical requirements:

– 12″ Vinyl only one-sided, maximum track-length 8 minutes

– 10″ Vinyl only one-sided, maximum track-length 6 minutes

– 7″ Vinyl only one-sided, maximum track-length 3 minutes


Extra Delivery Charges Apply and do increase if you wish to ship outside the UK/EU


12″ Vinyl Cut 1-sided £70

10″ Vinyl Cut 1-sided £90

7″ Vinyl Cut 1-sided £185


 Vinyl Pressing Type 1 £1275.00 $USD

Vinyl Pressing Type 2 £1588.00 $USD

Vinyl Pressing Type 3 £1798.50 $USD

Vinyl Pressing Type 4 £2068.50 $USD

Vinyl Pressing Type 5 £2535.50 $USD

Vinyl Pressing Type 6 £3435.50 $USD


What Do The Types of Pressing Mean


Download-Mastering 99.90 $USD

Vinyl-Mastering 169.90 $USD

CD-Mastering 199.00 $USD











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