Project Sossick

Esosa Osemwengie aka Sossick is head of Classic Tunes and one of the most prolific and most applauded producers out there in Nigeria and he has worked with the best of the best producing, writing, mastering, creating beats and also singing himself. He has featured on songs by many well known artistes and the best in the industry queue up for his services because he is pretty good, a genius really at what he does. He produced are "Julie" by Shank, "Pon pon pon" by Dagrin and most of the tracks on the highly acclaimed C.E.O album, "Money can't buy me love" n "Dresscode" by Y.q,"pop off selecta" by Dipp, "Paripopo" by Owen gee. He's also worked with Ruggedman,Naeto C,C-mion,Chuddy K,Koffi, amongst others and has featured alongside Gino,Dagrin,Yq,Naeto,Ruggedman and others.

We had the pleasure of working with him alongside Glasshouse Ng to support and promote one of his singles hit classic 'Kosofo' featuring Prince, the song is Sossweet!.
Listen to Kosofo:  PROMOTION We pushed Kosofo to blogs, online portals and more

WEB ASSETS We encouraged and engaged fans to listen to, download and review his music collection online

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic.”