Agreements via DuchessPR are produced and provided to all parties as and when needed in line with services being provided. 

The agreements commonly used at DuchessPR span 

-Digital distribution agreements -Copyright Alignment -Promotional Release Agreements -Video Production Agreements -Music Production Agreements  and Marketing Agreements 

Documents include -Marketing Strategic Plans -Promotion Strategic Plans -Album Launch Plans etc.

Web design and maintennance agreements

When you take on a service with DuchessPR, we will in principle set an agreement in place. Clients can view and sign agreements from within the client hub an within the project management portal.

Communication about services ongoing and services in progress will usually be via the client hub and project portal.

 We provide resources to you if you wish to Register Copyrights such as Mechanical Rights as a Writer, Publisher and or Performer of music. 

The business and creative sides of all trades including the music business are inextricably linked 

No matter how proficient you are creatively, you need to think and operate like a business in order to remain successful. 

Music-related careers are affected by legal matters on a regular basis: 

From artist contracts, recording and music publishing agreements to copyright law, name protection and business organisation. 

At DuchessPR we examine all the legal issues artists, musicians, engineers, and producers encounter when building their careers, and presents a focused look at the important legal aspects in the music business landscape. 

We take a real-world approach to explaining the legal issues that individuals working in the music business face today, including learning what to do and how to set up and finance your own business, co-publishing and administration agreements, and digital rights management. 




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