Payment Processing Disclaimer



Seller Disclaimer:


When you shop on this website for services or goods, you have an option to checkout using a variety of established and secure payment processing platforms.

All Payment And Purchase Activity on This Website Is Conducted Via SSL.

All Our Payments Are Via Securely Managed Payments with Fraud prevention Services On Safe, Secure and Reliable PCI Compliant Payment Systems From Reputable Companies Who Process These Payments On Our Behalf.

They do Not Disclose Your Information To Us For Any purpose other than to facilitate delivery of your service or product and in accordance with our privacy policy.

We do not store any customer card detils or records on our servers.


Payments on this website may be processed via

  •  2Checkout (2CO) payments and e-commerce payment processing services. 
  • Paypal  payments and e-commerce payment processing services.
  • Stripe  payments and e-commerce payment processing services.
  • Go Cardless Direct Debit payments processing for one off and recurring payments.

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic.”