Events Logistics

DuchessPR specialises in doing the organising so you do the preparing.

Trying to find a venue for a meeting, party, launch or any type event, you state your needs, we find it for you.

Need a location for an advert, video or product ad shoot, we will find you one from the luxury range we have on our books.

Need banners, flyers, tickets , brochurs designed and printed  we design and print for you

Need goodie bags, we got your back, we will collate an array of corporate or branded gifts and bags for you.

Need business cards printed, we will design and print them

Need teeshirts and branded goods, we will get them for you from paperweights to keyrings, mugs and more. 

Need A Catalog, Poster, Flier, Invitation Card, Brochure, Tickets designed and printed, We can take care of that.

We specialise in making sure the background bits are done and you can settle down and prepare for your event with ease.

Contact Us to discuss your needs.

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