KwameKoranteng Bespoke Tailoring

What was required:
A special edition bespoke product for a fashion unveil
A promotional banner for a fashion collection unveil
Public Speaking to introduce new product and detail it’s quality

What we did:
Design the CMYK for banner with proofs, print, assemble PVC bannwr complete with fixings, cover and carry case , deliver and assemble at venue

Design, proof, sample and procure samples for branded limited edition cufflinks in gold and silver, procure actual product, design and procure packaging and assemble packages.

Attend in person at event as project coordinator, runner, speaker and cordinator. Set up event art, coordinate ushers, facilitate event program, sustain budget, speak publicly to introduce new product collection and Web 2.0 marketing of product line.

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic.”