Day 1 Of The African Cup of Nations UK Tournament

Great start to the African Cup of Nations UK tournament at Memorial Park, Memorial Park
West Ham London E15 3DB.
If you missed today, be there tomorrow
Its about 5-10 mins walk from Westham station
to Memorial Park, West Ham, E15 3DB simply Start out along MEMORIAL AVENUE, heading east. You will reach your destination after 150 yards.
Quick Results from Todays Kick off on Day 1 of the Tournament with Nigeria and Somalia Scoring the Most Goals Followed By Morroco with 3 Goals, Zimbabwe and Guinea Bissau Scored 2 each, Zanzibar, Zambia, Algeria, Sierra Leone and Uganda Scored 1 goal each and South Africa And Ivory Coast nil
Group A
Nigeria 4 South Africa 0
Zanzibar 1 Somalia 4
Group B
Zambia 1 Zimbabwe 2
Algeria 1 Sierra Leone 1
Group C
Uganda 1 Morocco 3
Group D
Guinea Bissau 2 Ivory Coast 0